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Reshaping Data

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    Reshaping Data

    Hi all,

    I need to reshape data.

    Currently it is in this form:

    Payment Dt1 Dt2 Dt3 Dt4
    15.00 6/7/2009 10/7/2009 2/7/2010
    3.00 8/15/2009 10/15/2009 12/15/2009 2/15/2010

    Payment, Dt1, Dt2, Dt3 and Dt4 are all seperate variables/head up seperate columns.

    I need it to be in the following form:

    Payment Date
    15.00 6/7/2009
    15.00 10/7/2009
    15.00 2/7/2010
    3.00 8/15/2009
    3.00 10/15/2009
    3.00 12/15/2009
    3.00 2/15/2010

    is there any way to do this? Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.

    I attached a spreadsheet with this template for easier viewing.

    thanks much!
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    Re: Reshaping Data


    I assume that your data in Sheet1 actually begins in cell A1 with title Payment.

    I can adjust the macro if Sheet1 cell A2 contains the title Payment.

    The macro will create a worksheet Results.

    Detach/open workbook Gquinn - EF746330 - SDG10.xls and run macro ReorgData.
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    Have a great day,

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