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conditional format based on sum of value assigned to partial text field

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    Exclamation conditional format based on sum of value assigned to partial text field

    Hello all, please help!

    I would like to conditionally format a cell, based on the sum of values assigned to partial text fields in the same row.

    confused? me too.

    i have attached the sheet i am working on. basically, i want to highlight the name in red using conditional formatting, when the number of hours reached in that sun-sat row equals more than 40 hours when the fields are filled with a code. The trick is, I need to assign # of hours to correspond with the location/shift assignment in the cells. i have tried vlookup, countifs, etc, but i don't want it to be too scary looking if my boss should hover over any of the cells. i also don't want my boss to be able to delete the formula by accident (that's why the conditional formatting). I have been able to highlight if say the number of A shifts is >3, likewise with P shifts...and then >5 for D, E, and N shifts. But i can't figure out how to concisely do the same for combo shifts.

    attached is the sheet i will use (the names have been substituted).

    so far i have used a formula (found in Q45), but it only returns # of instances, not associated hours. the array values i placed under the total fields, B80:C84

    can anyone think of anything? i have also tried sumproduct, but it won't search for wildcard/partial cell text entry.

    this schedule is emailed out and i would like this formulary to be hidden.
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    Re: conditional format based on sum of value assigned to partial text field

    why not just protect the worksheet, make sure those cells with formulas in are locked and hidden
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