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conditional selection

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    conditional selection

    dear members,

    i am attaching work sheet with example.

    under each name, there are many condition and on selecting any one name, the respective conditions only should be displayed.

    pls guide me.

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    Re: conditional selection

    Create a helper column, say column-D:

    D2: =IF(A2=$E$3,ROW(),"")

    E5; =INDEX($B$2:$B$19,MATCH(SMALL($D$2:$D$19,ROW(A1)),$D$2:$D$19,0))
    F5: =INDEX($C$2:$C$19,MATCH(SMALL($D$2:$D$19,ROW(A1)),$D$2:$D$19,0))

    Copy all formulas down the column.

    Apply Conditional Formatting to cells in columns-E & F, setting the font color to the same color as the cell background. This will hide the #NUM errors returned by the formulas when the number of matching entries is fewer than the number of cells with the formula
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