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Alternative to SUMPRODUCT???

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    Exclamation Alternative to SUMPRODUCT???

    The formula below appears hundereds of times in my xls and I have a feeling it is bogging down my system (the xls's that use this formula range from 15-50 MB).

    =SUMPRODUCT('Hours Per Unit'!$D$10:OFFSET('Hours Per Unit'!$D$10,ROW($H$62)-6,0),O$6:O$62)-O123

    Any ideas of a more efficient way to write this would be much appreciated.

    Or if you think this is the best -- let me know too. Thanks!

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    Re: Alternative to SUMPRODUCT???

    How about ...

    =SUMPRODUCT('Hours Per Unit'!$D$10:$D$66, O$6:O$62) - O123

    And if it's that EXACT formula, put the first part in a separate cell and compute it just once, e.g., in A1,

    =SUMPRODUCT('Hours Per Unit'!$D$10:$D$66, O$6:O$62)

    and elsewhere,

    =$A$1 - O123
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