I have an excel sheet generated by an access database that I have no control of. The information is put into this database inproperly and often times clients with multiple acounts are labled different ways.
Client Name Total paymentAcct Number
200-500 E Bellows 17140.44 33271
200 - 500 E. Bellows St. 16683.24 33291
A & R Packing Company Incorporated 20228 14371.82 000020228
A & R Packing Company Incorporated 9510253 16219.37 009510253

These values are returned in the same column lets say A. In column B it will show delinquent payments and in column C it will repeat the account number. What I want to do is have Excel recognise that they are the same client with two serperate accounts. I would like to group all these like clients and then return a total delinquent amount for all there acounts.

Potential complications:

This report is run weekly with over 15k line items
There is constantly new clients and accounts being uploaded by outside individuals