I am working with a workbook that uses growth and forecast functions. I am not entirely clear on how either of these work. Feel free to use technical jargon when your explanations.

I have a set of numbers that are my 'known y's' and I also have known x's.

The formula is as follows: =IF(ISERROR(GROWTH($A7:$E7,$A$4:$E$4,P$4)),FORECAST(P$4,$A7:$E7,$A$4:$E$4),GROWTH($A7:$E7,$A$4:$E$4,P$4))

What I would like to achieve is maybe have a row with 0s or 1s for each X/Y combination indicating whether or not to include that combination.

Meaning, say I have Y1, Y2, Y3,.Y4,Y5 and respectively X1,..,X5 in columns A through E. Then for each x/y combination I would have a 0 or 1. So if I have a 0 for X5/Y5 (in col E) but a 1 elsewhere , I would want my formula to only consider columns A through D. The number in cell P$4 feeds from another sheet in the workbook and I already have that to adjust accordingly.