I am working with a two pivot tables and need to compare results between the two. In order to write a formula to look at the differences in data I need to combine two columns of text in my pivot table to complete a vlookup formula and compare information in the historical table.

As an example. If I have four different flavors of soup and the brand is Lipton. When I build my table Lipton only shows up in the first row of the first column of the pivot table and the four brands are listed in the second column. When I write a formula (=B3&B4) to combine the two pieces of information I get the brand and flavor combined in the first row out to the left of my table but when I copy the formula down it only gives me the flavor because the text for brand only shows up in the first row of the column in the pivot table.

I know I can use the $ to lock the column and first row but I have multiple entries and the data changes within the current table when I refresh it daily. I am looking for an easy way to copy a formula down the column to the left of the pivot table to combine these two sets of information. Is there a way to have the "brand" text copy down the first column of a pivot table so that it can be combined with the flavor?