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working out Labour carges by time worked

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    working out Labour carges by time worked

    Hi all,

    I have attached an example of something I can't get my head around!!

    Basically I have worked out how much time has been spent on a job, and then split that down to how many 15 mins it is. I then need to calculate that the first 4 15mins (1 hour) is charged at 10.00, then any number of 15 min blocks after that are charged at 2.50 each.

    1) on the blocks of 15 mins, where a time has gone into the 2nd 15 min, i need to round up the formula so it reads 2.
    2) How to work out the first 4 blocks being charged at 10.00 then the extra blcoks being charged at 2.50.

    I hope this makes sense.

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