Sorry ahead of time if this is an easy fix. Because the key words I'm using to search are too common, I cannot find answers on google.

I am working with an extensive client payment list that consists of columns of company name, sales rep, supplier, date, and then months of residual payments. I am using custom sort options to sort the entire data set based on any specific qualification.

In the same workbook, I want to have commission sheets for sales reps. In order to only enter the monthly payment once (there are hundreds), I want the individual commission sheets to 'call' the entered data from sheet1. I know the basic "sheet1!j3". But now when I resort the original sheet, the commission sheet has the wrong data. How do I put in a function that follows the individual cell I originally meant? So that if J3 changes to B3 on the sheet1, the commission sheet realizes it and keeps the value originally in J3.