Hi all,

Age-old question of the SUMIF across multiple worksheets for a summary page. I've got it working with good ol' =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Date&"'!G:G"),A2,INDIRECT("'"&Date&"'!H:H"))) and a sheet array Date, which is just a dynamically defined list of sheets (using OFFSET and COUNTA). However, this is still a bit clunky because the user needs to write in the sheets to be added.

Is there a way to get the formula to work with sandwich sheets? It would be easier for the user to move worksheet tabs instead of having to add to a sheet list (and making sure things are spelled/formatted properly).

I've attached an example Excel file. B2 & B3 are using the list of sheets (Date). B4 (Criteria C) is where I tried to use sandwich sheets Start/End without success.


Thanks so much in advance!