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Identifying patterns across columns!

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    Red face Identifying patterns across columns!

    Hello all,

    Firstly thank you - if this can be solved I will be forever grateful as I am truly stuck. Briefly, I have an online store with BigCommerce which is great except I have just taken on a supplier with 460 products, all of which have various options. They have sent me a very nice spreadsheet with a column for each option and a simple Y or N in each cell indicating whether or not each option is available to the product in that row.

    However, Big Commerce requires me to group my options into a set and assign that set to the applicable products. I have perhaps 20 options in total but as some of my products utilize perhaps three of the available options and some of the other products can utilize ten of the options and so on and so forth.. this means I have many, many hours ahead of me going through 460 rows across 20 or so columns and finding the patterns in the Y's and N's so I can determine which products would belong to option set 'A', Option set 'B' and so on. BigCommerce only allows one option set per product.

    And there you have it. I have 460 rows.. 20+ columns with Y or N in each cell. My goal is to try to identify matching rows and assign a value in a separate column. So if for example 23 of my products have matching N's and Y's (each N and Y must be in the same column as that of their matched counter parts), these products all receive a number in a separate column, thus allowing me to identify the products that can utilize the same options set.

    I have uploaded a spreadsheet and hope this makes sense. My fingers and toes are crossed.

    Thank you! Thank you!Excel Forum.xlsx
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    Re: Oh my.. do I have a doozy for you super smart Excel guys and gals!

    Hello yellow281.

    Thanks for changing your thread title.
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    Re: Identifying patterns across columns!

    I guess this has everyone stumped!

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