I hope someone can help me with the following problem.

I have a spreadsheet of data from January to July. Each row is an article from a newssource with different type of metadata in each column. I am trying to set up a dynamic range for a pivot table based on data from a subset of data.
Specifically I am trying to only pick the data from a specified month, such as for example February. I need the range to be dynamic because the size of the range will differ from month to month.

Here is a formula I have tried: =OFFSET(Hovedark!$A$1;MATCH("Feb";Hovedark!$F:$F;0)-1;0;COUNTIF(Hovedark!$F:$F;"Feb");COUNTA(Hovedark!$1:$1))

Some explanations:
  • Hovedark: is the sheet
  • Column F: Contains the month
    • MATCH formula: Used to skip cells not pertaining to February

The funny thing is that when I view the range in the pivottable it seems right. Alle the data in the rows pertaining to February are inside the datasource range, but the pivot table shows data pertaining to January still???

I hope someone can help me.