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Dynamic Table Auto Fill Help "Inconsistent Calculated Column Formula"

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    Question Dynamic Table Auto Fill Help "Inconsistent Calculated Column Formula"


    I'm working on a dynamic table and everything seems to be working fine until I add a new row using the tab key at the end of the last cell. Once I add new information, the previous cells with formulas indicate there's an "Inconsistent Calculated Column Formula" in the cell (please refer to Image1). The columns with the formulas (ie. Columns C, D, and F) are used as helper columns for other calculations. Please help correct the issue so that once a new row is inserted to the tab, there is no formula errors and they all work as they previously did carrying onto the new added cells. Otherwise, I currently have to re-copy the formula all the way down the columns. This seems like a tedious step I shouldn't have to do. I hope I don't have to use a macro to resolve the issue.

    The formula in column C is setup to take the name in its adjacent cell (column A) and concatenate it with a series number starting at 2. Column D is set up to display a 1 or 0 depending on whether Column A is repeated or not. It will display a 1 if column A is unique and 0 if it is unique. The same formula is applied to Column F with respect to Column E.

    Thanks for any help!
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