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Formula result correct, but shows up incorrectly in cell

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    Angry Formula result correct, but shows up incorrectly in cell

    I've entered the following formula in Excel 2007

    =QUARTILE(IF('Valid Alerts'!$C$5:$C$1384=C$162,'Valid Alerts'!$L$5:$L$1384,""),'Box & Whisker Plots'!$B163)

    If I click the Fx by the text bar at the top of the screen, it shows the correct value of 20.5.
    function arguments.JPG

    But on the worksheet, it shows a value of 3.6 (not sure where that comes from!)
    Excel cell.JPG

    All cells containing this formula are incorrect. In the attached file, the yellow cell is the one I'm talking about. But all other cells in that column are an incorrect value. And the next column is the exact same formula and again the formula results is correct when I click Fx, but it shows #VALUE! in the cells

    I've tried Ctrl+Shift+Enter but it doesn't work. I've seen other posts online about the formula showing up instead of value (easily fixed), but none about the wrong value showing up

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Formula result correct, but shows up incorrectly in cell

    I thought of answering with a picture, but that would be as useless as the picture you posted. Please post a sample wbk.

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