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Multi Criteria Index and Match - Getting #NA Error

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    Multi Criteria Index and Match - Getting #NA Error

    I am using this formula =INDEX('Expense Data'!F$9:F$146,MATCH(1,('Expense Data'!$B$9:$B$146=$A25)*('Expense Data'!$A$9:$A$146=A$6),TRUE)) to look up a department and account to return the amount for that period. I noticed that when an account does not show up in the data if is looking up it gives me an #NA error message.

    Any idea how I can run this formula and without getting the #NA and it just display 0?

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    Re: Multi Criteria Index and Match - Getting #NA Error

    syntax for Match is
    =Match(lookup_value , lookup_range , [match_type] )
    match_type is should be -1, 0, or 1
    not True or False

    or you may post your sample if it still getting error

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