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Production Calculator

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    Production Calculator

    Good Evening everyone i have a major calculation that i need to solve. At work we now are calculating a production number of time spent processing with exceptions. I need a formula that is going to calculate time, as well as minus out breaks and lunches as well as exceptions. So say a person worked a 8 hours shift, they get two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch. Their hours spent on processing would be 7.5 hours. Say that next day the person works another 8 hour shift, with an exception of 48 minutes due to system being down so they were not able to process for 48 minutes they would have worked 7.5 hours minus 48 minutes. I need to know how many hours and minutes they worked for that day with that exception

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    Re: Production Calculator

    Excel sees a day as 1 - an hour as 1/24 a minute as 1/1440, etc
    To return to decimal you should multiply by 24
    So, 48 minutes are 24*(48/1440) which you can subtract from the result you have obtained

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