I am using excel 2007. I have created a workbook with monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday and data, 6 sheets. I copied a workbook, named it Weekly master and put one in each students folder. The sheets each contain cells which I have locked and cells unlocked for teachers and staff to enter data into. I selected protect sheet from the Review tab and also share workbook from the Review tab. The files were placed on a Shared drive and various individuals were given the rights to modify. Now for my problem. The teachers are to open the Weekly Master file, enter current dates and then save the file under a different name such as October 15 - 19. Indicating the current week. The paras then go in to that file and enter data for each student throughout the day. When the teacher is saving it as October 15 - 19 my fields that were merged into one line unmerge and become individual cells again. So the documents are not keeping format. Is there a way I can keep this from happening? And do the documents have to be un marked "read only" in order for the staff to save the updated data. There are occassions where more than one person could have the document open at the same time. It is causing some real issues.