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Averageifs returns #DIV/0! - replace with 0?

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    Averageifs returns #DIV/0! - replace with 0?

    Hi all..

    Just registered and 1st post so apologies if this has been resolved in some hidden thread somewhere..!

    I've data that will be pulled in from another source and now excell help = #DIV0.jpgI've created a separate table that gives me the averageif (=AVERAGEIF('Data Look Up Table'!$A$6:A37,"Andover",'Data Look Up Table'!B$6:B37) for each centre, however as I need to list all centre's some have no data therefore returns #DIV/0.

    So will return the average of all figures relating to Andover in column B that matches column A in the other sheet.

    A) can I only show rows that return a figure

    B) or can I 0 the cells that return the error as I would like to average these totals at the bottom of column B

    Many thanks..


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    Re: Averageifs returns #DIV/0! - replace with 0?

    You can wrap any formula in an IFERROR test to control error results.


    ...would become:

    =IFERROR(A1/B1, 0)

    Apply that method to your formulas to control the DIV/0 errors.

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