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What-if Analysis for multiple months Fuel Spend

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    What-if Analysis for multiple months Fuel Spend


    I want to create a what if analysis that will calculate fuel spend each month.


    Fuel Price, which is then converted to a fuel surcharge i.e. $4.00 is a $0.65 cents surcharge
    Routes, number of shipments (Monthly)
    Miles per route (Monthly)

    Math breakdown::

    Routes * Miles per route = Miles driven each month


    Miles driven each month * fuel surcharge = Fuel Spend

    I would like to have it so, a user can enter a fuel price, routes, and miles per route. Then the output is a fuel spend each month based on what the user inputted.

    Thank you for your ideas

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    Re: What-if Analysis for multiple months Fuel Spend

    Is this what you are looking for
    Cell A2: 1 (Routes)
    Cell B2: 10 (Miles)
    Cell C2: 4.00 (Fuel price)
    Cell D2: =0.65 (formula =C2*0.1625) Surcharge
    Cell E2: =6.5 (formula =A2*B2*D2)
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