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Help with Search/Lookup Functions

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    Help with Search/Lookup Functions

    Hey all,

    I'm building a spreadsheet for my boss and I've run into a bit of a pickle. The purpose of the spreadsheet is to track Current Mentor/Protege/Past Mentor relationships between workers. On one sheet (labeled 'Mentor - Protege') I have a list of names running from C:C, then the same names in a different order running from 2:2. When people give me their mentors/proteges, I find their name in C:C, then run across and find their mentor or protege's name in 2:2, putting either a "PM" (past mentor) "P" (protege) or "CM" (current mentor) in the corresponding box. On a separate sheet, ("Sheet1") I have the same list of names in B:B. I'd like to be able to put a function in column C that matches the name in column B on Sheet1 to the corresponding name on the 'Mentor - Protege' sheet in column C:C, then runs across and when it finds a box with with either "PM", "P" or "CM", it spits out the name directly above, in 2:2. The twist is that there are multiple entries, so I need to be able to drag the formula across vertically so that it grabs each entry until I get an error.

    It's a bit difficult to comprehend, I attached a sample spreadsheet FYI.

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    Last edited by eschaye; 01-11-2013 at 02:13 PM. Reason: Sorry, the sample file I posted was incorrect, I had a hidden column I forgot about. Should make sense now.

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    Re: Help with Search/Lookup Functions

    HI eschaye,

    When people give me their mentors/proteges, I find their name in C:C,
    this range has only one entry i.e, Doe, John... suggest you to revisit your post. thanks.

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