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Conditional Formatting Question

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    Conditional Formatting Question

    Good Evening all,

    Im currently working on a database that contains vaccinations for individuals and when they expire.

    This is the problem I currently have... ROW 2 Meningitis C vaccination is required up to the age of 25 (I would like these cells red), ROW 3 for individuals over 25 it isn't (I would like these cells blank). ROW 3The only other thing is that some individuals under 25 have had the vaccination already and so there is a date of when they had it in the cell (I would like these cells green).

    I have attached my spreadsheet example.

    I would ideally like a formula to automatically do all 500 entries I have.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    work practice.xlsx
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    Re: Conditional Formatting Question

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