Hi All,

I am hoping I can explain this simply.

I have a spreadsheet like the one I attached which has Months and W/C along the top, and Job, Name and Title down the left. The main data is the values which are how many days and hours each person(Name) does on a job each week of that month.

I need to extract this data so that I can collate the below raw information for each person so that I can then Pivot to show different graphs:

- Job Number
- Month
- W/C
- Days/Hours worked that Month
- Days/Hours worked that W/C

In essence what would be good would be to finish with some raw data that has the heading in the columns for Name, Job, Title, W/C, Month, Days/Hrs worked and on the rows under each heading would show something like A, One, Manager, 21/1/13, January, 2/16 and so on down the rows for each entry.

I could then pivot this to show what I wanted.

Any help appreciated or if more info needed just ask