Hello all, first post because I have been having no luck searching elsewhere. Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong area of the forum.

Here's the situation:

Here at my work we use excel to make "checkout" sheets for certain equipment we install on jobs. These tables are pretty simple and each of these pages are the same except for a few changing variables. Rather than have to manual type, save, and print each sheet with unique values it would be nice to have one "template" page that links to a separate worksheet where all of our compiled data would be stored for a given particular job. The ideal goal would be to have these saved worksheets available, and on each new job we would fill out one of these database tables, click print, and voila 75 sheets with unique information that follows the initial template. Is there a way to do this? I've barely used macros, and even then it was forever ago, but I'm willing to learn! It will save us a ton of time and money and we need it.

Using the paste link function from a source worksheet cell to a destination cell on one of these "checkout" sheets works, I am basically just trying to figure out how to change the row number into a variable that changes depending on which sheet is printed. That or figure out a way to create a book of "checkout" sheets from one master template and one master worksheet with all of the variables contained on it. Any thoughts would be fantastic.

It should be noted I'm using excel 2003 (long story).

Thanks in advance!