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Format cell value based on color(style) of another cell

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    Format cell value based on color(style) of another cell

    Hello everyone,

    I trying to create a sheet for tracking weightlifting progress. What I would like to happen is update a cell value based on the color (style) of another cell.

    So in context; if the weight specified has been lifted successfully the [Good] style is manually applied by the user, if a lift has been unsuccessful the [Bad] style is applied manually by the user.

    The on the next sheet the values are updated accordingly. If the cell has been colored [Good] the value in the cell is increased by 10%, if colored [Bad] the same stays the same as previously.

    I know that this formula is completely wrong, but as an idea of what I would like to achieve: =SUMIF('Cycle 1'!C3 is [Good]*1.1) ELSE('Cycle 1!C3) or something like that.

    Looking around the forum, there is lots to change cell colors based on values, but not the other way around. Is this an easy formula or will some VB scripting be needed. Any assistance will be gratefully received.

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