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Conditional Formatting based on two conditions

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    Conditional Formatting based on two conditions

    Here's my issue. I have a spreadsheet for reservations at a Bingo hall. I am trying to conditionally format an entry (the entire row) if it is a duplicate reservation. There are two separate columns for table number and seat number and if both are not identical then it is not a duplicate. I can easily set it up to do this if the table is duplicated or the seat is duplicated, but that is not helpful. I've been playing around with many different functions but I can't seem to get any of them to work. I have minimum to moderate excel knowledge where I understand the language and basis of how the functions work, but I can't construct them without extensive research on Google. This one here just has me stumped...

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    Re: Conditional Formatting based on two conditions

    In CF rules use


    where Column A and B are the table number and seat number
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