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inserting a row then keeping a formula in it

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    inserting a row then keeping a formula in it

    I know this is a long shot but i enter a new row each week so i insert a row at row 6, i was wondering if i could have a formula that stays in row 6 and when i enter a new one it moves to the new row 6 so that i can link it to a totals cell so it updates on that tab whilst my other tab changes weekly.

    say the row i just inserted i needed the totals from another tab is there any way to get a formula to go into the new row and then use the data thats in another tab to display a total. at the moment i manually enter it. so maybe a formula that is fixed to cell C6 and shows the total of say 'Billings' tab cell B7

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    Re: inserting a row then keeping a formula in it

    If possible attached the sample sheet

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