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Using Multiple Formulas in A Single Cell

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    Question Using Multiple Formulas in A Single Cell

    Hello all,

    I'm building a cost calculator and I need to use different formulas in a single cell. I have an end price that could meet three pricing conditions, here they are:

    Small Paperback Book:
    Page Count: 18-46, $1.04 per unit
    Page Count: 48-106, $1.61 per unit
    Page Count: 108+, $0.63 per unit

    I need to program one cell to return calculations based on how many number of pages another cell has. What is the correct syntax here? I'm a newbie to Excel and am building this for a client as a bonus and am not keen on syntax.

    I tried the following:
    =if(B2<46,1.04) OR if(B2>46<106,1.61) OR if(B2>108,0.63)

    But, that's returning an error. Any help would be appreciated. As of now, I cannot post attachments, because my account is new, but if you have a Gmail account, I can share the document with you via Google Docs.


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    Re: Using Multiple Formulas in A Single Cell

    Hi JlsCreative
    Try this:


    Ive made a couple of assumptions:
    1 No Books with < 18 pages (If arises will return "")
    2 If 47 arises, 1.61 ; If 107 arises, 0.63


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