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Excel Report To Word - Copying info from Data Sheet to Transfer Sheet when multiple match

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    Excel Report To Word - Copying info from Data Sheet to Transfer Sheet when multiple match


    I'm in the process of compiling a Non Conformance Register in Excel that can be exported to Word for a report that can be generated for clients. I have already built this in Microsoft Access, but my limited knowledge of coding has broken the database, and the last three weeks that I've spent looking at it has been to no avail, so I am trying something new, and possibly easier - at least for the rest of my company to use.

    Now. I've got the worksheet linking the data to the transfer page properly - however, this only works if there is one line relative to the NCR. An NCR works like this:

    1 - NCR
    2 - Root Cause of NCR
    3 - Corrective Action of NCR (immediate correction)
    4 - Preventative Action of NCR (long term)

    Any NCR may have a number of root causes, or one root cause, but a number of corrective or preventative actions assigned to it, and/or accountable & responsible people to fix it.

    For this occassion only - I've highlighted NCR-0045 as my example (in the spreadsheet, 'Data'). I can easily bring back the first line, but I need to bring back ONLY the cells that are populated beneath it, and if empty - to leave blank. (I haven't worked out yet how I will get this exported to Word, so any formula, or coding that would be easily grabbed and transferred externally would be beneficial).

    Again, I can work out how to obtain the information, I just can't work out how to obtain the secondary, third or fourth lines that correspond to the initial NCR number.

    As this information is sensitive, all data available has been changed - so please excuse the ABC etc etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    NCR New Database - Coding Trial.xlsm

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    Re: Excel Report To Word - Copying info from Data Sheet to Transfer Sheet when multiple ma

    Welcome to the Forum, unfortunately:

    This is a duplicate post and as such does not comply with Rule 5 of our forum rules. This thread will now be closed, you may continue in your other thread.

    Thread Closed.
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