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Semi Difficult IF Statement - please help :S

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    Cool Semi Difficult IF Statement - please help :S

    Hey All,

    Any help on the below would be much much appreciated.

    Column A lists a bunch of sports:
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Hockey
    • Swimming

    Column F has one of the three following values:
    • Full
    • #VALUE
    • #N/A

    I would like to create an IF statement in A1 that says, IF the value in cell F1 says "Full", then change value of A1 to "Full" (replace whatever sport was in there to "Full"). If F1 says anything other than "Full", such as #VALUE or #N/A, then keep A1 as is.

    Hope that makes sense...I have just under a million cells that I need to drag this formula for. I would really appreciate if somebody could help me out - thanks!!

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    Re: Semi Difficult IF Statement - please help :S

    =if(you are trying to replace the value in cell A1 with a formula in cell A1, you are creating a circular reference and you will get an error, you might be able to do this with VBA otherwise I think you need a helper column)
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    Re: Semi Difficult IF Statement - please help :S

    I agree -- so go to column B (or some other non-used column) and use the following formula:


    If you need the final results in column A, you can always get the correct end result in your dummy column and then copy that column and paste special / paste values those values back "over" in column A.
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