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Comparing lists - Need Help

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    Comparing lists - Need Help

    We generate daily updated work lists. What I need to do is take a job number from today's list (for example we'll call it Tab 2 cell A2) and compare it to yesterday's work list.

    Tab 1 = yesterday
    Tab 2 = Today

    What I want is if Tab 2 Cell A2 appears anywhere on Tab 1 then print the notes from tab 1 (column J for that corresponding row) onto Tab 2 cell J2

    I don't even know where to start. I tried but got nowhere with if/then logic.

    Please help

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    Re: Comparing lists - Need Help

    If you can upload an example spreadsheet with false data and an expected output manually typed in to explain in more detail we can make sure that we provide an accurate solution.

    In the meantime try:

    =VLOOKUP(A2,'TAB 1'!A:J,10,0)

    This assumes that Tab 1 has the data in the range A:J where Col A holds the same value as A2 (or should do if it exists).
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