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Sumif with multiple 'or' options with cell references

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    Question Sumif with multiple 'or' options with cell references

    I have created a resource workbook. I need to report on weekly charging information for 2 groups of employees; one group comprises Consultants and Solution Architects. I therefore wish to sum the effort allocated for each day based on their role description. I have done some research and tried the following formula:

    =sum(sumifs(AC5:AC85,B5:B85,{"Consultant","Solution Architect"}))

    where AC:AC85 is the daily effort forecast and B5:B85 are the role descriptions for the various employees. Unfortunately, Excel didn't accept the formula and just tells me I have made an error.

    What am I doing wrong in the formula?

    Can I put in cell references instead of character strings for the role descriptions?

    When I want to add a the project name condition, do I put in a comma after } and state cell range for the project names, and the project reference?

    I would really appreciate some help with this.

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    Re: Sumif with multiple 'or' options with cell references

    Try it this way:

    =sumif(B5:B85,"Consultant",AC5:AC85)+sumif(B5:B85,"Solution Architect",AC5:AC85)

    and if you want to put those words in cells (eg X1,X2), then you can do this:


    Hope this helps.


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