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Format cell to be a clickable link when workbook is opened on iphone

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    Format cell to be a clickable link when workbook is opened on iphone

    Hello, I am having a very large issue with an important database that we use for my company. It's a comprehensive contact and information sheet, which includes phone numbers and email addresses. We have it set up currently so that we can make updates to it, and our various people are able to access it via their iphones. The phone numbers and email addresses currently work in excel as links: for example, when you click on the cell for the email address, it automatically pops open an email to that address in outlook, and when you click on a cell phone it automatically opens as a link to dial that number via skype.
    The problem is, once you open this on your iphone these no longer function as links. Neither when it's opened as an excel spreadsheet, nor if it's saved and opened as a pdf. I've searched online for a solution since this is a very important feature of this extensive workbook that we have.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    I am using Excel 2007 on Windows Vista Business.

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    Re: Format cell to be a clickable link when workbook is opened on iphone

    You will need to use an app like 'QuickOffice' on the iPone. Once that is running open the spreedsheet and the hyperlinks should work.
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