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Sumifs & Dynamic Sumrange

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    Sumifs & Dynamic Sumrange


    I have a file with multiple pivots that access a BI Portal. I have created a summary tab (non pivot) that feeds information using formulas that access the various pivots. The summary is a forecast where actuals pull in through current months and forecast pulls in for the future. I am trying to get the sumrange in the sumifs formula to be dynamic where it switches the column to sum range on based on Month and based on whether I am pulling dollars or square feet. I have attached screen shots of the summary file and the pivot. You will see the pivot has two January columns. One for dollars and the other for square feet. My summary has dollars on the top view and square feet on the bottom view so I need the formula to know when to pick the dollar column and when to pick the square foot column. Let me know and I can upload the actual file but it is connected to a cube so it may bomb out if you try to do anything with it.
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    Re: Sumifs & Dynamic Sumrange

    Hi Amartin575,

    Instead of actual file, upload a sample file which clearly shows the actual scenario and your expected output. thanks.

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