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How to create a search field inside Excel Sheet

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    How to create a search field inside Excel Sheet


    I was wondering if there is any way to make a search field inside an excel sheet or do I have to resort to some form of SQL. I have to make a table containing all receipts. Now those things can build up and I was wondering if there is a way to make a small search field besides the table where I would type in the name and it would list me all receipts tied to that name.

    For example,

    I want to find how many receipts does Frank Sinatra have, so i write Frank Sinatra in a field and it lists me

    receipt # Name Date Value
    123 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx
    212 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx
    533 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx

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    Re: How to create a search field inside Excel Sheet

    It might be possible with a macro code, but need to see a sample excel book for testing. If you are comfortable with a code solution, go to advance, then attachment. When you attach, please include one sheet with input data and another sheet showing desired result.

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