I am trying to simulate a draft. I have an array with 32 columns and 260 rows. I want to pick the highest number in each column as long as no other number in that row has been picked. I also want to be able to do this until a number from all 260 rows has been picked.

If I have a table that goes

1 3 4
3 6 6
7 2 1
9 5 7
8 4 2
1 9 3

Then I would want to generate a list that goes like this

Round: 1
9: because it's the highest number in the first column
9 because it is the highest number in the second column
6 because even though 7 is the highest number in that column it is in the same row as the 9 in column 1 and therfore cannot be picked

Round 2:
8 because it is the second highest value in column 1
3: Because 9,4,5,6 all are in rows that have already had numbers picked from them
1: Because it is in the only row that has not been picked from yet.

I was wondering if anyone had ideas