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Creating new rows of data in a worksheet that pulls from a master worksheet

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    Creating new rows of data in a worksheet that pulls from a master worksheet

    Hi Everyone,

    I appreciate your help in advance. I'm looking to use a formula/macro/VBA to accomplish the following:
    • Pull data from a master worksheet
    • Insert the correct # of rows in a new 'fixed' worksheet (the worksheet format and layout cannot change because it is an ADP template)
    • Between the master and the new worksheet, match data to columns when the headers are not the same, but the headers will not change.

    For example:
    In master sheet:
    Column 1 = Name
    Column 2 = Job Title
    Column 3 = SSN#
    Rows 1-250 include information about employees

    In ADP upload sheet (the contents of this sheet will change week to week, but the format and layout will not):
    Column 1 = SSN#
    Column 2 = Name
    Column 3 = Function
    Column 4 = Department
    Column 5 = Job Title

    The ADP upload sheet will be "refreshed" each week with new rows of data. I anticipate marking with "x" which data should be pulled from the master sheet, but I wanted to know how I can automatically pull data, insert the appropriate # of rows in the ADP upload sheet, and ensure the right information is in the correct column.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
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