Newb question but I can't help it. I've got a reporting tool which I am sending to my business units and I want to make it clean and easily understandable.

Here's the situation:

Let's say the unit is buying fruit, 1 to 5 different ones. First I want them to indicate how many types of fruit they are buying. Let's assume the unit is buying 3 types of fruit. The unit chooses 3 and the macro creates 3 tables (or rather unhides already created tables) to insert monthly fruit volumes (1 table if 1, 2 if 2 etc). This is easily done by macro buttons.


The unit must choose what those 1-5 fruits are from a combo list/box. Let's say they choose 3 types of fruit, bananas oranges and apples. Now that they have chosen the amount of fruit types and the fruit types, the tables will also show the fruit pricing. Again, easy with combo/list boxes - no problem here.


I have also created clear table content buttons to erase all data separately for all 5 tables. So if they have 3 tables but want to only clear table nr 1 and 3, they can click them separately.

I hope I explained the situation well (sorry no bigger screenshots here, too many details I'm afraid).

Problem: How would you go about cleaning/combining these buttons/combo lists? I have 5 separate macro buttons to choose the amount of fruit types, 5 separate drop down lists to choose what's the type of the fruit and 5 separate clear table contents buttons for each 5 selections.

The buttons look the following (only 4 at this point) and they are quite annoying to resize/move.


Any help appreciated to forward me to some direction.