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Working with dates and formulas

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    Working with dates and formulas

    Hello everyone. I need help with the following:

    I have two columns:
    Column A is for entry of any date in cell C6
    Column B contains a formula (i.e., =C6+10) to calculate a due date 10 days from the date in Column A

    The problem is, anytime I erase the date in Column A, or leave it blank, a default date appears in Column B (i.e., 1/10/00).
    Is there a way to leave Column A blank and at the same time have Column B blank as well?

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    Re: Working with dates and formulas

    The issue is that the result after you blank out column A is you end up with 10 in column B, and 1/10/00 is the 10th day of year zero.

    Change your formula in column B to be as follows

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