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Using the COUNT function to count letters generated by an IF function

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    Using the COUNT function to count letters generated by an IF function

    I'm trying to create a standings chart in Excel and I want to count the amount of wins, losses, and draws. I used an IF statement to determine if the game was a win, loss, or draw and output a "W", "L", or "D".
    This is the statement I used.
    "=IF(E7>0, "W", IF(E7<0, "L", "D"))"

    Now, on the standings sheet, I'd like to count the W's in the W column, the L's in the L column, and the D's in the D column.

    The problem I'm having is that when I run the function "=COUNT(DC!F2:F8, "W")", it gives a value of "0". It does this for L and D as well. How do I get the Count function to recognize the W, L, and D. I'd like the standings page to automatically update when I add new results to the team's sheets.

    Also, is there a way to multiply the count of W's by 3?, L by 0, and D's by 1 and then sum the total in another cell?


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    Re: Using the COUNT function to count letters generated by an IF function

    You need COUNTIF not COUNT - try this for a single function


    for the total try

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