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can't get OFFSET to work in this case?! driving me crazy :)

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    can't get OFFSET to work in this case?! driving me crazy :)

    hi all

    I have a pretty large spreadsheet with 30 columns containing sets of Tests results and then another 10 columns, lets call these sets of Exams results (just so we speak the same language).
    I need the R^2 (RSQ function) between each Test and all the Exams (or all the exams and every Tests )

    doing it manually will take forever, so I'm trying to use the OFFSET function to make excel move the range of Exams result 1 column to the right every time I copy/drag down.. I hope I'm being clear.. for some reason I keep getting #NA errors! please can someone just take a look? the "Exams" are the colored columns on the right end, and "Tests" are columns C:AM

    to maintain order and know the RSQ of what two sets of data I'm seeing I want the output to look like
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    I strongly advice you to zoom out a bit so you can see the structure and also my example, explanations and FAILED attempt down below

    I'd be glad to provide explanations. I really need this. Thank you guys.

    thanks a lot in advance guys! lihi22.xlsx

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    Re: can't get OFFSET to work in this case?! driving me crazy :)


    The range sizes for your known_y's and known_x's must be of the same size.

    Currently, you are using the OFFSET function with a height of 15 for the former and AN35:AN50 (which is 16 rows high) for the latter. Change the height variable to 16 in the OFFSET function.

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