I'm working on a little project at work. We have an ordering register at work where we enter items in so someone else can order them. We usually order the same items over and over again as we have plenty of consumables. Each time this happens the user finds the last time we ordered it and copies that row and pastes it at the bottom of the spreadsheet, changing the date and quantity. They are also required to delete from the row they have copied the cells that were filled out saying it had arrived. Naturally this does not always happen and this leads to confusion. I am looking for a way to either stop those cells (the ones containing the delivered info) being copied in the first place or from being pasted into the cells of the new row they are adding the item they want to order to.
If someone can help me with this it would be great. Either that or I need to work out a way of pulling across all the old ordering information (supplier, part no., etc.) to that row from previous orders, obviously without the delivered information.