I have a problem at hand where am hoping to populate a table based on data summarized in a pivot table using GETPIVOTDATA. The table is only used to display the pivot data in a more appealing fashion. The table is as follows

Type Value
Aa 10
A1 5

Each "Type" is a "Field" in the pivot table with multiple items. Say one "Field" has the "items" Aa and Ab and another has A1 and B1. Each "Type" are cells with data validation allowing for these multiple items to the selected. The GETPIVOTDATA populates the data accordingly.

Is it possible to formulate the GETPIVOTDATA function in such a way that when I select something like "All" I get the total of both items Aa and Ab? Something like an "all or none" criteria in GETPIVOTDATA. Or even some way to exclude the "Field" in case of 'all'.

Thanks in advance.