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Assistance with a Lookup formula

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    Assistance with a Lookup formula

    Hello - I am brand new to the forum and do not have significant excel experience. So any help is greatly appreciated!

    On a monthly basis I download my credit card and bank activity into excel. I then assign a number to each payee and the SUMIFS these transactions by date and # to my budget. Is there a way to build a table of payees and identify each payee with a number (ex. Giant Eagle 1, Best Buy 2) and produce a formula to look at this table of payees and if my credit card transaction contains that value then it would assign a #1 or #2 next to it? I have attached a simple example to help illustrate my question. Thank you. Example Calculation.xlsx

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    Re: Assistance with a Lookup formula

    welcome to the forum, TLake. try:

    Thanks, if you have clicked on the * and added our rep.

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