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Horizontal to vertical dragging of formulas...

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    Horizontal to vertical dragging of formulas...


    I have two spreadsheets and on say Spreadsheet 1 I have two rows (rows 1 & 2) from column A to AE.

    On Spreadsheet 2 I want a formula that will copy in column A all the data that is in Spreadsheet 1 from A1 to AE2 and then in Column B do the same for A2 to AE2. So basically converting the horizontal presentation of the data into a vertical column.

    I know how to drag formulas down but unsure on the horizontal to vertical dragging.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

    (Excel 2002)


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    Re: Horizontal to vertical dragging of formulas...


    If this is a one-off operation, you can simpy use Paste Special/Transpose.

    If it's something that requires longer-term automation, then, in your first cell in column A of Spreadsheet 2 and copied down and to the right:

    =INDEX('[Spreadsheet 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A$1:$AE$2,COLUMNS($A:A),ROWS($1:1))

    Obviously amend the workbook and sheet names accordingly.

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