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Conditional Formating

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    Conditional Formating

    I have a excel spreadsheet that highlight’s duplicates in colomb G through conditional formatting, this works fine but would also like to highlight any duplicates in coulomb J that appear in coulomb G =MATCH(G2,$J$2:$J$69, 0) is what I am trying now but it doesn’t seem to work quite right (doesn’t highlight all duplicates)Entries H2 through K69 are pasted in from another excel file as text and not sure if this could be the problem .I would also like to have excel return appropriate number fr columb A to columb K.Duplicates would be handled by matching text in columb I and b I have attached the excel file hopefully this will show what I’m trying to do better . Your help would be appreciated as there will probably be over 2000 rows by the time im done,so if this is possible it would save me hours of time.
    Thanks ben
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    Re: Conditional Formating

    Try selecting J2:J71 and use the following as CF
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    - Format as needed

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