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If Statements and Difference between Dates

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    If Statements and Difference between Dates


    I am building a spreadsheet to track different dates along our sales process. Unfortunately I am stumped on a formula so any help would be great!
    The problem I am having is the "Value if True" statement, everything is below-

    =IF(G2>BB1, =G2-BB1, "Past Due")

    Logical Test
    G2 > BB1 (Greater)
    G2-Date of item within contract
    BB1-This is "=Today()" so it resets to today's date

    Value if True
    I would like to have the difference of days between "Todays Date" and the Date from the contract
    Example: if it is May 17 today, and my item is due May 18, it would display 1 day

    Value if False
    If G2 is greater than Todays Date, I would like it to read "Past Due"

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: If Statements and Difference between Dates

    You need to take the equals sign out of the Value if True area. It should be

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    That will do the math I believe you are after.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: If Statements and Difference between Dates

    let A1 contain =today()

    let the due date be in column G

    so for row 2 it would be

    =if(g2>=$a$1,g2-$a$1,"Past Due by "&$a$1-g2&" days")

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