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Copy and paste data with filtered cells

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    Copy and paste data with filtered cells

    I am trying to copy and paste values from one column to another on the same sheet

    E.g Column A


    If i filter to red and copy cells A1 and A4 and paste into column B, instead of pasting it into cells B1 and B4 it pastes it into B1 and B2...

    How do i get it to paste on the same row?

    My sheet im working with has thousands of rows, some need to be pasted, others need to be left as they are

    Please help

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    Re: Copy and paste data with filtered cells

    Hi, rikkyshh,

    working with Filters for me means to have Row 1 as Header, not as Data.

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    Re: Copy and paste data with filtered cells

    One way around is this.

    Choose a cell(let's say D1) and type the word "red" there(or use a validation list to choose it.

    Then in B1 and copy down, use this.

    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Re: Copy and paste data with filtered cells

    hi rikkyshh. yet another way is if they are beside each other
    1. select A1:B4. or in your case of thousand rows, select A1. CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN. SHIFT + RIGHT

    2. press ALT + ; to select visible cells. or CTRL + G -> Special -> Visible Cells Only -> OK

    3. press CTRL + R to fill right

    if they are not beside each other, change the steps a little

    1. select the column you want to paste to only. say C1. then CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN

    2. same as the other step 2

    3. press =A1

    4. press CTRL + ENTER to fill them together

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