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Sum If Array Formula

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    Question Sum If Array Formula

    I am hoping someone can help me with a formula for my sales spreadsheet. I need an array formula that will add up all cash sales within a date range. I have attached a picture of the sheet I am working with for this formula. I found a formula that gets the correct answer, but it is extremely long and because this is for weekly sales, I would like to find an array formula that will get the same results with less typing.

    Basically here is the working formula that I would like to shorten, and I am assuming this can be done as an array:


    Here are a couple formulas that I have tried with no luck:


    {=SUMIFS(F4:H100, E4:E100>=DATE(2014,1,1),E4:E100<=DATE(2014,1,6),L4:L100,"cash")}

    Hopefully this helps explain what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: Sum If Array Formula

    welcome to the forum, mswaim. i didn't try to decipher your 1st formula since it's too long. i don't know why you make it an array either. you can read about array formulas here:

    but since your formulas below doesn't work, you should probably tell us in layman's terms what you are trying to do. for eg. sum up Column F to H if column E is within a date range and Column L is equals to cash? if so, try:

    SUMIFS require all the ranges to be of the same number of rows and columns. F4:H100 contains 3 columns. E4:E100 only contains 1.

    if it doesn't work, i suggest you upload an Excel file in the thread. To do that, Click on GO ADVANCED and use the paperclip icon to open the upload window.
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    and to illustrate your example better, click on How To Get Quick & Good Answers

    Thanks, if you have clicked on the * and added our rep.

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    Re: Sum If Array Formula

    Thanks for the quick reply. That formula didn't work though..." I need a formula that only add up the sales of each row that meet the criteria specified - if the date in column E is within the specified range and if the word in column L is "cash". The formula would need to check this criteria for each row 4 - 100 and add up the corresponding sales numbers from the rows that meet the two specified criteria (date range and "cash")

    The formula that I am currently repeating but changing the line number for each line 4 - 100 is below.


    Although this formula works and gets me the results I need, it is extremely long and cumbersome.

    hopefully this better explains what I am trying to accomplish.

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