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HLOOKUP 2nd instance

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    HLOOKUP 2nd instance

    Hi All, I have a table with rank numbers. (B2:U25) Some ranks are the same within a column (so 2 rank 2's as in Column D - rows 14 and 19)

    From the ranks, I lookup the value in column V.

    In rows 28, 29 and 30 I use the lookup for the first 3 ranks.

    I have attached a sheet as an example.

    The problem is like in column D, I have 1 rank 1, 2 ranks 2's and 0 rank 3's. Using HLOOKUP it only finds the first rank 2. How can I also find the 2nd rank 2?
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    Re: HLOOKUP 2nd instance

    Maybe try this:
    as an array formula (confirm with ctrl+shift+enter) in B28 and then copy down/across

    Edit: or maybe..
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    Re: HLOOKUP 2nd instance

    The spreadsheet I opened contained no formulas so it is hard to know how you arrived at the rankings.
    However, if your issue is trying to deal with ranking orders that contain a #1, a couple #2s etc, there is a way to get rid of dups in rankings. You use the standard rank formula so lets say you were ranking column D, the formula would look like this... =RANK(D2,$D$2:$D$25,1)+COUNTIF($D$2:D2,D2)-1.
    For what it's worth.
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