Hey Everyone! I have used this forum for years and never became a member because I was always able to find the answer I needed without posting my own thread. Well, put your "thinking caps" on because I am stumped and could really use your help to figure this out

I have built a report that uses vlookup to connect to source documents that are not accessible to the end user. We have over 100 people that have access to these reports so I would prefer not to use any additional plugins, etc.

The report is accessing a data file with 52 sheets (one for each week of the fiscal year)
Each sheet is label (P01, P02, P03, etc.)

I was attempting to use an indirect function in conjunction to the vlookup in order to change the sheet name reference depending on what period I want the report to pull in.

=VLOOKUP(B23,'\\SFSQL1\StoreShare\Finance\2014 Data Files\[Data File - NEWSpread2014.xlsx]P01'!$2:$216,2,FALSE) ---> This formula works great but I have to open the file to do find and replace in order to refresh for the new period. This wouldn't be a problem but each book has 18 duplicates for each department, etc. So this would be extremely inconvenient

=VLOOKUP(B23,INDIRECT("'[Data File - NEWSpread2014.xlsx]"&$A$3&"'!$2:$161"),2,0),FALSE) ---> This formula is exactly what I want except for that the user has to have the "Data File" otherwise a #REF error is displayed.

Any ideas? I have to finish this report by Monday (and I have plans this weekend that I'd rather not cancel )